1 Request for Innovator Samples from specific country

Get Innovator Samples quote from most of the countries, please provide the below details in the mail.

  • Brand Name, Generic Name, Manufacturer Name, NDC number, Strengths you are looking for, Quantity, Lot number (if any) required
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2 Get Best quotes in 48 Hours from Most of the Countries

Get quotes promptly in 48 Hours, please provide the below details in the email.

  • Please provide the correct email address
  • Please provide the correct phone number
  • Please provide the information as per point1
  • Country from which you are looking for the samples i.e., USA, EU, UK, WHO countries etc etc
  • To get the Price quotes from USA please provide NDC Number (or Manufacturer)
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3 Releasing Purchase Order, Payments and Receiving Shipment

The details is given below :

  • Release formal Purchase order and follow the payment terms as agreed upon
  • As soon as the formal purchase order and Payments are release, we internally place orders to our suppler in the required country to ship the product according to purchase order
  • Before shipping the products its required to share the valid license to procure the Products and mode of shipment whether its through Cargo or Courier mode etc
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Order / Request for Quote

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